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An online system for Appraisal, Reflection, and Portfolio recording

The appraisal process is an important part of Principals' and Teachers' professional practice. To assist with the development of an Evidence Portfolio, Spike@School has developed the School Performance Management system so that Principals' and Teachers' can:

  • Identify their goals against the Twelve Registered Teachers Criteria,
  • align with the professional standards for Principals' and Teachers',
  • record and link to evidence files,
  • have access to an easy to use, effective recording process,
  • develop a cumulative record as part of their Appraisal Cycle and Registration Requirements.

The Performance Management Appraisal Portfolio is a resource that will enable Principals' and Teachers' to:

  • Reflect on their practice as Reflective Practitioners,
  • record their personal goals and whole of school goals,
  • develop cumulative evidence records,
  • share their documentation on any platform.

You will find the ease of this process very supportive with the focus on Teaching as Inquiry and enabling staff to maintain ongoing evidence records for their Reflection and Appraisal.



For more information please contact Brett:

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